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Animal Hospital Durham, NC | Exceptional Pet Care & Services

Giving our patients the complete care package and the highest aspects in veterinary care has always been our number one priority at Animal Hospital Durham, NC.

Preventive care

Prevention is essential for your pet’s health. Our programs begin with a complete physical examination, together with vaccination programs, advice on general pet care and nutrition, internal and external parasite control prevention.

Vet Durham NC

Diagnostic medicine
The Veterinarians at Animal Clinics Durham will check up on your pets for underlying conditions. With our high-tech imaging equipment, our laboratory setup can help diagnose and create a treatment plan.

Outpatient and inpatient hospital care
Pet hospitals Durham can provide treatments for your pet’s diagnosed medical condition that can be done in the comforts of your own house or in some severe cases while staying in our hospital. For outpatients, they are provided with specific medications from our pharmacy. Our patients who are confined in our facility will be given 24/7 care from our medical team.

Animal Hospital Durham, NC has been referred by veterinarians for various surgical procedures. Our surgical team provides surgeries that are optional such as spaying and neutering. In addition, we also deal with emergency surgeries like trauma or accidents, and we make sure that risks or complications are kept to a minimum to ensure positive outcomes.

After hours emergency care
If your pet just happens to have an accident and needs to be examined right away, just drop by our hospital, and our veterinarian onboard will be there to assist you. Before admission, always have your primary vet’s number for possible updates; always make sure that you have your pet’s medical history. We always remind our pet owners to have their pets wear a muzzle for dogs and cats. The main reason for this is that when an animal is in unfamiliar territory and under stress, the first instinct is to bite someone unknown to the animal. We don’t want to have another casualty.

Therapy and rehabilitation
We have some programs that can aid your pets in recovering following a surgical procedure, injury, or long-term conditions. If you want safe and drug-free remedies for your pets, we offer electrostimulation, ultrasound therapy, and laser therapy. Your pets will be back on their feet in no time.

Special procedures
We are proud to have the latest in technology when it comes to procedures in diagnostics, surgery, and treatment.

Cataract surgery
We work together with an ophthalmologist in order to conduct eye surgeries like cataract removal surgery and lens replacement for both cats and dogs. There will be some improvements in a couple of days. You will be given the necessary health teachings after your pets have been discharged.

Allergy testing
If you want to have your pets tested for allergic reactions to food or environmental allergens, our facility can accommodate such a service. Blood will be collected then; it will be sent to another laboratory. The results will show which foods should be avoided by your pets and what kind of environment is conducive to them.

Dental x-ray
Our system allows us to inspect your pet’s dental condition, and we can detect various dental diseases that are detrimental if left unchecked. As you know, periodontal diseases are common among kittens and puppies.

We care about your pets. Call us!
We are aware that some domesticated animals have shorter lifespans. We can alleviate any underlying conditions they may have through different diagnostic exams or surgeries. Of course, pets have been considered an extended member of the family. What they need is tender loving care in terms of medical scenarios. Give the care your pets need; call Animal Hospital Durham, NC.