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Durham Veterinary Clinic, NC | Vet Medical Services in Durham

Living in a comfortable community, we realize how significant it is to keep everyone, including animals, safe from injuries and diseases. Humans have hospitals to go to if they want to avoid getting sick or need treatment for a medical condition or a dental problem. Animals need to have that, too and Durham Veterinary Clinic exists for that.

Durham Veterinary Services

Your pet is not just an animal that lives in your home. Regardless of whether textured, feathered, or shrouded in scales, your pet will always be a part of the family. Together you bask in each other's presence and play around, living in harmony as long as time allows. Being part of the family, pets are essential members that need attention, too, and that is why it is equally significant to find a veterinary clinic that can address your pets' health concerns. Durham Veterinary Clinic is here to provide you with the safety and security that you seek for your pets.

Vet Durham NC

We assure pet owners that the facility is well-equipped to handle all kinds of situations regarding pets. Our facility was fashioned to be a place where animals and humans alike can feel comfortable and less anxious about medical or dental treatment. We always consider not only our clients' feelings but, most importantly, their pets.

With regards to dealing with your pets' well being, you need somebody you can trust. You need an accomplice who isn't just experienced and proficient but also additionally empathetic and understanding. It would be best if you had somebody who would think about your cherished one as much as you do. At Durham Veterinary Clinic, that is exactly what you'll get. Our team is enthusiastic about improving the lives of animals, and we've endeavored to build up the most thorough arrangement of care possible for all animal types to experience. Subsequently, you can sit back and relax knowing that your pet is in safe and great hands!

At long last, our highly qualified vets likewise offer various fundamental pet treatments. From full assistance of boarding to prepping for a procedure, you can get the entirety of your pets' needs dealt with quickly and efficiently. Our team additionally offers essential things you can buy for your pet, such as additional vitamins and supplements, toys for play and chewing, hygiene kits, and more. Durham Veterinary Clinic is, in a sense, an all-around veterinary clinic!

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As was mentioned, our facility offers a variety of services that can be availed through a proper appointment setting. We are happy to offer these services to everyone in Durham:

Social and food counseling
Blood transfusions
Basic care
Advanced radiology
Completely stocked pharmacy
Wellbeing certification
Research facility
Healthy counseling
Spay and neuter
Agony management
Pup and kitten care
Senior care for pets
Therapy ( acupuncture, movement, massage)
Medical procedures
Wellbeing Exams

All these are available for the sake of your pets. Make sure to have them checked with us for a better and more precise diagnosis.

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