Emergency Vet Durham NC

It would be best to have someone reliable you can call anytime during an emergency. We have a team of veterinarians and other specialists who you can count on during emergencies.

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Emergency Vet Durham, NC | Immediate Care & Medical Attention

Most of the time, it is ideal to call in your veterinarian first and set an appointment when needed. Typically, your veterinarian can provide care to your pet only after an appointment is set, but in case of sudden incidents, Emergency Vet Durham is sure to lend a helping hand to animals who need immediate care and medical attention.

If your pet needs immediate care and medical attention, our team of professionals is sure to help you with your woes. As experts in the field, we understand how animal lovers and pet owners alike feel when animals are in pain. We are dedicated to treating all kinds of animals in this circumstance and make sure that they will not feel any more pain and recover from their illness or injuries.

Vet Durham NC

Our facility is equipped with the entirety of the most recent advancements in veterinary medicine, so we can give the best treatment accessible today. With that said, our clients will not have to look around for laboratories or diagnostic places to have their pets checked, which saves them a lot of time, money, and effort. Regardless of whether it's a minor ailment or severe injury, our mindful and exceptionally gifted staff will be there for you. We are available every day, 24/7.

Our Services

We have the best services at Emergency Vet Durham, which includes veterinary dentistry. Our veterinarians are all well-trained and licensed to do dental procedures and necessary dental surgeries on animals. We assure you that your pet is in great hands.

When an animal is brought to us, we check for their records as well as their behavior and how they react to touch. Typically, animals feel aggravated when in pain, especially if it comes from the mouth. Our veterinarians know this well and treat them accordingly. It is important to pay attention to your pets' dental health since animals easily lose appetite when their mouth is in jeopardy.

Immediate Care
We offer services for animals who are in dire need of immediate care and medical attention. We make sure that all animals are attended to and that diagnosis is precise so they can be treated quickly. We also offer after-care services, especially when the animal needs to stay in the clinic for observation and possible further procedures to aid in recovery. For this, you do not need to worry since our staff are all trained to care for ailing animals. You can rely on us to save your pets' lives.

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If you are searching for a veterinary clinic that can provide you with the services you need even after business hours, worry no more! Our team is available around-the-clock to provide you and your pet with the best veterinary care immediately. Do not hesitate to contact Emergency Vet Durham!