Frequently Asked Questions

Vet Durham NC

How often should my pet have an exam?

Our experts recommend yearly visits for most pets and more frequent for older pets, at least every six months. The yearly examination includes physical examinations, annual vaccinations or boosters, parasite screening and prevention, and several lab tests run by our veterinarians.

What happens during my pet’s dental cleaning?

A thorough dental cleaning is important for pets, and it can only be achieved while the pet is under general anesthesia. Before anesthesia, some blood tests are conducted to detect any hidden issues.

At what is the ideal age for my pet to be spayed or neutered?

Our veterinarians recommended waiting until your pet is at least six months old before looking for spaying or neutering. You may contact us to discuss specific details based on species, breed, and size. Desexing provides health and behavioral benefits to your pets and prevents overpopulation.

Do I have to call ahead during an emergency for an appointment?

For emergency cases, we do not require an appointment or an advanced phone call. We understand that it is vital that your pet should be accommodated immediately when there is an emergency.

How much does a regular checkup cost?

You can expect around $75 for a regular checkup. However, the price may get lower or higher if you visit other veterinary facilities as they have different rates.