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We offer low-cost spay and neuter services to our clients in Durham. Visit our clinic today for the best veterinary and surgical care.

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Spay and Neuter Durham, NC | Safe & Effective Desexing Procedure

The Spay and Neuter Durham offers veterinary and surgical care, as well as low-cost spay and neuter services.

Exam rooms, treatment facilities, a medical laboratory, digital radiology (x-ray), a dual surgical suite, and a postoperative recovery area are all located at the Spay and Neuter clinic Durham, where our patients are closely monitored during each procedure.

We conduct pre-surgery examinations on all patients, provide high-quality anesthesia and pain management drugs, and perform each procedure with freshly sterilized surgical instrument packs. We guarantee a low-stress, high-quality surgical experience that leads to a quick recovery.

All of our patients are kept warm in their facility cages and are closely monitored until they are safely returned to you for the ride home.

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Why should you neuter or spay your dog?

Spay and Neuter Durham offers three compelling reasons to spay or neuter your canine companion:

  • Prevent unwanted puppies.
    If your female dog is not spayed, she will go into breeding season, or "heat," once or twice a year for several weeks. When this happens, she'll be very appealing to male dogs who can detect her scent from a long distance. This can attract unwanted canine visitors to your yard, as well as a result in an unexpected litter of puppies.

    Having a puppy is costly and requires a significant amount of time and effort on your part. Delivery can be problematic sometimes, requiring expensive surgery or resulting in the loss of the mother or puppies.

    After birth, the puppy will need veterinary treatment and vaccinations. Furthermore, finding suitable homes for puppies can be challenging. Spaying and neutering is a humane way to prevent unwanted puppies from being born due to accidental breeding. Breeding should be left to breeders who have a well-thought-out strategy and a thorough understanding of canine genetics, as well as an interest in maintaining a breed's best characteristics for future generations.

  • Certain health risks are reduced.
    Both female and male dogs may benefit from spaying or neutering because it reduces some health risks. Females who are not spayed will develop pyometra, a painful and life-threatening uterus infection.

    Females that have not been spayed have a higher incidence of mammary tumors than spayed females.

    A neutered dog has less potential of getting testicular cancer as well as other issues, including prostate disease. In addition, a neutered male dog will have less of an urge to roam.

  • It may help with any behavioral problems. Neutering can sometimes, but not always, help minimize or eradicate unhealthy behaviors like leg-lifting and mounting in male dogs, in addition to reducing roaming. In some dogs, neutering can reduce aggressive behavior. Females that have been spayed are also less likely to wander.

  • Neutering your dog can have a positive impact on their conduct.
    When a female dog is neutered, the primary source of estrogen and progesterone is removed, which may affect reproductive cycle behavior. Females who exhibit offensive behavior and sensitivity around the time they are in season, for example, may benefit from neutering.

    These Female dogs who have experienced behavioral changes such as violence and anxiety due to phantom pregnancy are likely to benefit from neutering.

    When a male dog is neutered, the critical source of testosterone is removed, affecting some behavioral characteristics. Neutering can help minimize the intensity of testosterone-influenced behaviors like wandering (often associated with a female in season), which can raise the risk of being involved in car accidents, urine marking, hostility against other male dogs in specific situations, and mounting behavior.

  • Neutering can also aid training because neutered dogs are less likely to be distracted by other dogs. This can be helpful for owners who are training their dogs to be more focused and well-behaved, mainly when they are out in public. As a result, neutering is likely to help work dogs, reducing distractibility while the dog is focused on a job.

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You can help protect your pet from specific ailments, fix unwanted habits, save money, and save lives by spaying or neutering them. Discuss and arrange your pet's appointment, contact your veterinarian at Spay and Neuter Durham today, and urge your family and friends to do the same.