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Reasons why you should regularly take your pets to vet Durham, NC

Your pet should see a veterinarian at least once a year for a preventive health check or an annual wellness exam, as you've probably heard. Yet what if you don't believe there's a problem? Why is this required? Is it indeed needed? Although vet Durham only describes a few of the most prevalent and critical pointers, please allow our animal physicians to provide more information on these unanswered questions.

The Preventive Health Care Visit is something we all agree on!

You may not understand how critical a regular physical examination is for your pet's health. When indicators of disease are discovered early, something can be done: more diagnostic tests may be required, and then medical therapy or surgery can be performed promptly.

We want to have long and healthy lives. That's what we all want, and it's why getting a preventive health exam at vet Durham, NC for your pet is one of the best things you can do!

Vet Durham NC

How so?

We wish to help animals, care for them, and improve their lives as veterinarians. Every day, we encounter pets with diseases or disorders that could have been avoided entirely, or at the very least, made less burdensome.

Pets age faster than humans; they have a faster metabolic rate, a faster heart rate, and a shorter life span. Therefore physiology and pathology are also a little quicker. Many people have a physical exam from their doctor once a year and screening blood tests, ECGs, ultrasounds, and other diagnostics. Many diseases can be recognized and treated early.

Pets can't tell us if something "simply isn't right" in as many words as we can. They may limp, sigh, and eventually refuse to eat, but something is seriously wrong by this point. You might believe you'll be able to tell if your pet is sick, but many pets, particularly cats, hide their emotions and any signs of illness. Our team is educated to examine, listen, touch, smell, feel, and look for problems in animals. Blood tests, x-rays, and ultrasound may be used to identify things that a physical exam cannot. All of these procedures can be extremely helpful in discovering an issue early on so that therapy can begin.

An annual physical check allows the veterinarian to assess how your dog or cat is doing at various stages of life. The doctor will talk to you about your concerns and answer any questions about food, exercise, dental care, behavioral issues, and vaccines.

Specialists will check the temperature, pulse, heart rate, and breathing rate at vet Durham. All of this should be typical.

The doctor will then examine every region of your body.

Internal eye disorders, discharges, distinctive color, redness, and lumps on the lids are all things to look for when looking into the eyes and around them.

Vaccinations will be recommended by our veterinarian depending on your pet's age, species, lifestyle, and diseases in this area. Every year, we see pets infected with illnesses that may have been avoided if they had received the correct vaccines.

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With all of our patient visits over the years, our team at vet Durham has realized that we enjoy creating relationships with individuals and their pets. We want everyone to feel like they're a part of the plan and that we're all working together to discover the best solution. It's like putting together a riddle or playing detective, and it's incredibly satisfying for all of us. We are all interconnected in the human narrative. Animals make being human that much more enjoyable!